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Barnimer Feldmark


Landscape Garden Network in the „Barnimer Feldmark”

Today, most of the manor gardens are in private hands or public property. In the second case, the town halls' infrastructure or construction departments are responsible for them.


In the past, service and development of the manor gardens was not a priority for local communities. But we have to remember that everywhere they occur, manor gardens have a big influence on local spatial order and tourist attractiveness. Their poor condition can easily spoil every local effort to improve the image of the region.


The Network of the Landscape Gardens in the „Barnimer Feldmark” region is to serve as a platform for private and public garden owners, and others involved in local development and environmental issues, for the mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge on the following issues:


  • Parks and gardens daily care and development
  • promotion and financing of the gardens development
  • Mutual support (practical and conceptual)


Project members' meeting in 2014Project members' meeting in 2014


Mansion garden in HirschfeldeMansion garden in Hirschfelde



Network members


Landscape Gardens' Network has the following members:


Urząd Gminy w Ustroniu Morskim

ul. Rolna 2     78-111 Ustronie Morskie


Gemeinde Ahrensfelde

Lindenberger Straße 1     16356 Ahrensfelde


Stadt Bernau bei Berlin     

Stadtpark 1     16321 Bernau


Gemeinde Hoppegarten     

Lindenallee 14     15366 Hoppegarten


Stadt Werneuchen     

Am Markt 5     16356 Werneuchen

Gemeinde  Sydower Fließ    

c/o Amt Biesenthal-Barnim

Amt Biesenthal-Barnim     

Berliner Str. 1     16359 Biesenthal

Stadt Altlandsberg     

Berliner Allee 6     15345 Altlandsberg

Regionalpark Barnimer Feldmark e.V.     

Am Bahnhof 2     16356 Ahrensfelde OT Blumberg

Dr. Rainer Zeletzki     Privatperson, Landschaftsplaner



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